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2-ingredient Chocolate Cake Recipe by Healthy Recipes.

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Chocolate cake, my favorite food. The number of people who disliked this thing is very few. But making a cake is a lot of trouble, we do not want to go to this work. But today we will soon be making chocolate cake in just two ingredients. And without the oven, it will be done!

Two materials:

1: Egg four.

2: Dark Chocolate or Normal Dairy Milk can be measured with a bowl (lentil bowl.

How to make:

1: Garnish with dark chocolate hot water. Or, place a tin pot on a pan and then keep the chocolate well and move it. Quick chocolate will melt.

2: Separate the egg from four eggs. And beat the egg white with egg bitrate very well. Bit the time, if the white part of the egg flippers and soften it.

3: Mix the egg yolk with the chocolate that is slowly melted (after the chocolate is slightly cooled) and mix well.

4: Mix the bits made with chocolate and egg yolk. Keep in mind that the egg yolk and chocolate mixed well and then mix the white part of the egg.

5: Drug, the mixture is ready, now it's time to bake. As the cake is in the stove, put a bowl on a bowl and fill it with salt.

6: Put a pan stand on the pan, cover the face of the pan and beat the pan preheat.

7: Bring a little oil to a cake mold, spread a little flour or baking paper on it. The cake will not fall down, and it will come out easily.

8: Now, cover the cake with a mold in the stand. And let the cake be warmed 30-35 minutes.

9: When the upper part of the cake will swell, it is necessary to prepare the cake.

This cake can be decorated with the decorative turn, butter frosting cream, icing sugar, cherry wafer, or chocolate layer. If you want to make this cake oven and make it.

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