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How to Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh | Healthy Recipes

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In the busy life, you want to get all the quick solutions. Many people try to recover from the whole week's market one day. The list does not exclude, leafy vegetables and fruits. However, almost a large portion of these are bought as soon as they are destroyed very quickly. So I will advise not to buy too many vegetables and vegetables together. If you want, you can also cover different types of vegetables and vegetables. Whatever the other topic, however, it can be discussed later. Find out how you can keep vegetables or fruits for a long time today.

👉 Keep the vegetables and vegetables refrigerated as fast as possible from the market. It will reduce the risk of losing them. Vegetables cannot be kept in the light of the sun.

 ðŸ‘‰ Keep trying to refrigerate vegetables before throwing them down. Due to the preservation of leafy vegetables with a break, vegetables and vegetables can dry up. Because the water of sprouts and vegetables is absorbed.

👉 Do not keep vegetables in all areas of refrigerators, where there is less than temperature. Vegetable boxes do not have to put together very much vegetables and vegetables together. Try to keep the air in such a way that it can move.

👉 Avacado or apple, keep these fruits good for a long time, sprinkle a little lemon juice on it and then refrigerate it. Lemons acidic powers will keep them good for a long time.

👉 lettuce leaves are used in food or salad. If these leaves look dry or dead, soak them in 20 minutes water. You will see the leaves again!

👉 Many times the bacteria of freeze waste vegetable and vegetables rapidly. Think of bacteria again freeze? Yes, yes, bacteria can get frozen refrigerated. So, try cleaning with refrigerated soda water or soap water at least once a month.

👉 Never keep vegetables or vegetables that are lost. If the result is a result, it will damage ten more fruits, so take precautions. Dissolve the broken vegetables as much as possible.

👉 There are some foods that produce ethylene gas after rubbing so that all other fruits or vegetables can become soft. So keep this type of food such as tomato, banana, mango a little different. They may also soften any kind of strong vegetables such as broccoli, bean seeds etc.

👉Keep the banana good and keep it with the paper. The banana will be good for a long time.

Put the paper on the paper (brown colored paper) to keep mushroom good for a long time. See, the mushroom will be good for many days.

👉 Extend the pages on a container by spreading magazines to keep the leafy leaves, salari leaves better. The leaves will be good long days.

👉 Cabbage, carrot such vegetables are used in cut and cut lengths. As a result, the rest of the parts could easily be broken. For this reason, you can keep these parts in the refrigerator by using a container in the water. Better for two to three days. Otherwise, the water of the carrot can be dried and dried.

👉 Put on any kind of aluminum alloy paper. The sapling will be better for more than a day.

👉 know a secret? If the potatoes and apples put together, then potatoes will be good for a long time. Ethylene gas potatoes present in the apple will be good for a long time.

👉Wash strawberries, grapes, and jam with a little vinegar before keeping it refrigerated. It will not be possible to destroy them anymore.

  Fresh food is very useful for your health. So try always eat fresh food.

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