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Easy Banana Cake Recipe - Healthy Recipes

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Cakes are a very favorite food for kids. Just because the child is young, the cake is at the top of the list of people's favorite foods of any age group. But we usually turn around and make two cakes. Either vanilla sponge cake, or chocolate cake. But you probably do not know how to make more than a thousand cakes. Especially with various fruits, different cakes look great. Today I will be made with fruits and I will share a cake recipe. That is the Authentic Banana Cakes Recipe.

Cake recipe has been shared on our website earlier. But it was the Egg Le Benaan cake. Basically, the recipes were made suitable for those who could not eat cakes because of vegetarians and eggs. But the traditional Banana cake is made but the eggs are used. Today I will share with you the recipes of this authentic banana cake.

Actually banana is a very nutritious fruit. This is especially important for children. There are many types of minerals and vitamins in the collar. So eating a banana every day is very important for the proper physical and mental development of the kids. However, when the children heard that many adults eat fruit every day, they started crying. In that case, various desserts can be served in front of them by making fruit. Because any type of dessert, especially cakes, is a great choice for everyone, especially kids. And along with vanilla and chocolate flavors, other flavored cakes make it a bit different from the taste of kids or adults too. And as a lord, you have to be praised, it is more than that.

It does not need much equipment to make the Authentic banana cake. It is very easy to make this authentic banana cakes in a simple cake making ingredient. Let's learn how to make this Authentic banana cake and what materials it needs to make.

The ingredients that need to be made in Banana Cake :

Flour 2 cups
2 teaspoons of baking powder
Salt 1 pinch
1 cup of sugar crushed
100 grams of butter
Egg two
Vanilla acne 1/2 teaspoon
Milk 1/2 cup
Ripe banana 1

The method of making the Authentic Banana cake is to be made :

1st step

First, you have to prepare ripe bananas. I used a very large sea-type banana to make this recipe. For this, the recipe was made by a banana. If you use a small size banana or Champa banana, you have to use two bananas. Use absolutely stout soft bananas. It was a banana mash or mash with very good art mash. It is better if the bananas are blended in the blender. Then the smooth and smoothly ripe bananas will become bland.

2nd step

This time you have to take two egg shells. Very carefully, the egg white and the yolk should be separated. This time the white part of the egg will be very well bits in the electric egg beater. After four minutes to five minutes a bit of high power in the egg bitrate, it can be seen that the white part of the egg turned into a dense foam. The thick white part of the egg is called the Marong, which is called dense foam. It is very important to make the egg white part of Marrang while making the cake. By this, the cakes increase the size of the cakes with enough air entering the wind. And the cake is so soft. Many people say that the cake is not soft even after giving the right ingredients. If the cake is not made of Marang, the cake will never be soft.

3rd step

This time in the egg white part of the foam, you have to leave the yolk. You have to mix a little bit. After that, the vanilla essence, the blended art should be given. And better have to be bitten. Once these ingredients are bits, add milk and take a bit again. Then add butter to a little bit. And bits will be settled. In this way, all the liquid materials should be added together a bit, and very well mixed. You may think that if you take all the materials together then it is a bit. What is the need to do this bit in a little bit? Actually, if we give all the ingredients together in the egg white section of the foam, then the foam can break down and become liquid. Then the cake will not be soft. For this reason, it is best to add all the ingredients in a little bit.

4th step

This time, in unity containers, all the dry ingredients should be mixed together. For this, mixing flour, sugar and baking powder in a container will be mixed with unity spoon. After that, mixing of this dry ingredients should be poured into the big chunks. This time, by mixing these three ingredients, you have to mix the mixture. In this, baking powder will be mixed in equal quantity with all the flour. And the cake will swell all the way.

Step 5

The chapter of this is very important. First, mix a few dry ingredients with a large spoon in the mix of liquid ingredients. And very thoroughly mixed with the mix of whole liquid ingredients. This time you have to work a bit patience. Once the first ingredients are mixed, once again the dry ingredients should be mixed with liquid materials in the same way. In this way, completely dry ingredients will be mixed with a mixture of liquid ingredients.

This cannot be rush while doing the job. If you give more dry ingredients at a time, then lamps can be made in cake. And if you move on in this time, then the air will get out of the egg whites made from egg white. As a result, the cake will not be soft after making it. For this, doing the whole work for a very long time will be a smart decision.

Step 6

Electric Oven 180 degrees Celsius has to be taken for ten minutes. In this time the cake must be ready for dies. The dice that has to be made in the cake must be absolutely dry. In this dry dies, you will have to brush around with a little butter. The butter will be lighted on the butter. Then this cake will have to be poured into a cake prepared beforehand.

After unleashing the heat, keep the cake in it, and he'll have to set it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, you will see a leak in a cake with a toothpick. If you do not see anything on the toothpick, then understand that the cake is ready. And if you see that the tooth pie is not completely clean or it has a little bit of cake on it, then it is understandable that the cake is still not fully ready. Then it will be baked for five more minutes.

Once the cake is ready, it will not go away from the dies. Then the cake can be broken. Standing time for 10 minutes to para min cake. After this, the unity knife should be lighted around the cake and it will be loose. Then you have to pour it on a plate. Breath ready for you is the delicious authentic banana cake. Cut and serve hot.

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