DIY Candied Orange Peel - Healthy Recipes -

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DIY Candied Orange Peel - Healthy Recipes

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Orange is a great source of Vitamin 'C'. Along with orange soreness, Vitamin A also helps in reducing nausea, digestion. Helps control cholesterol.

Usually, we have left the orange peel. But today, I am giving an interesting recipe for Orange Candy!

Ingredient :

Orange - 2
Sugar - 3 cups
Water - 1 cup

Processing process:

First wash the orange well. Then chop the piss by slicing it. Orange peas Candy recipe: Stick it in a vessel. Burn the ball into the water for 5-6 minutes by using orange peels. Then wash and stir with rice. Take it once again. It will reduce the feeling of coughing.

→ Put the sugar and water together on the oven. When the ball comes in the water and when the sugar melts, give it to the pure peas. Slowly reduce the heat of the fire to 30-45 minutes. If the orange peels are soft and shiny, then get down from the oven. If you are a little cold then roll one of the pieces to sugar. This same recipe can be fun. Melt dark chocolate or cooking chocolate instead of sugar. Make a quota of orange peas in a chocolate. Then leave the Oven Rye in the rice and leave it for drying all night. Keep the dry air in the air box.

** While making the cake, this candy can be cut short by cutting the cake. The beautiful scent will come

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