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Pizza Sandwiches Recipe | Healthy Recipes

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Today you have a different Pizzas Sandwich recipe for you.

Take a look at how to make pizzas sandwiches in ten minutes.

Whatever it takes:

Soft bread 12 slices (left side)

Onion ( Slices )

1 Capsicum 

Like the amount of pizza sauce

Mazaraela Chiz ( Like the amount )

Olive oil 2 tablespoons


Dry chili slightly scratched

Preparation method:

Knead the onion, cut the capsicum slices, and cook it with the mozzarella sauce.
Cut the bread around the knife.

Spread olive oil with a brush over the bread.
Take a lot of pizzas sauce on the bread.

Sprinkle the cheeses, oregano and dried chilies on the bread.
Sprinkle onions and capsicum slices on it.

Put a sandwich machine for two to three minutes with another bread above.
Get down when the cheeses start to melt.

Bass, made easy pizzas sandwich. You can use your favorite vegetables or chicken topping on topping here. And if you use butter instead of olive oil, there is no problem.

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