Four foods beneficial for the skin | Beauty Tips -

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Four foods beneficial for the skin | Beauty Tips

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In the words, external care only affects 20% of the skin's good effect. The rest 80% depend on eating, sleeping and sleeping. Therefore, you should be aware of food for good skin and eat more fruits. Today you will know about 4 foods that will keep your skin healthy.

1: Bam / black bam

Black Bam contains anti-oxidants. There are also vitamins "A", Vitamin C and Vitamin "E". We all know how good Vitamin E is for the skin. The skin stimulates skin glow from the inside, which is why it is called a natural glow pill. Bum works well to destroy face toxin

2: lemon water:

Lemon water or lemon water, another very effective element for the skin. Vitamin C rich lemon water will make your skin bright. Drink a glass of lemon each morning in the morning and the skin toxins will be out. Try to eat lemon juice mixed in warm water in a month and a month. Notice the changes itself.

3: Green Any Vegetable:

Green is very good for any vegetables. Because there is a lot of beta-carotene in green, which works very well for the skin. Try to eat at least two to three types of green leafy vegetables every day. Dead skin can give life to any green food

4: pomegranate:

The pomegranate will increase blood circulation on the skin by smooth and soft skin. Although pomegranate is small, it contains plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. As a result, the dry face will not come out.

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