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Delicious Tomato Soup | Healthy Recipes

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Tomato is a healthy vegetable. If the taste is mixed with it then how? Tomato soup, you can give the best test!

Take the recipe.


Four medium-sized tomatoes

Garlic pice semi tablespoon

Make an onion

Bay leaf 1

Two tablespoons of Corn Starch

A cup of water

One tablespoon of butter

Cream one tablespoon

Sugar one tablespoon

Black peppercorn slightly

Salt quantity

Bread slices are two (for toast)

One tablespoon of the cornflower

Preparation method:

1: Wash tomatoes first. Take four cups of water in a bowl. Add salt to it. Keep in mind there is no rough part in tomatoes

2: Tomatoes stop when you get water, stop the oven from the water. To stop the oven or tomatoes can become more soft than necessary.

3: Keep the vessel covered like fifteen minutes.

4: After fifteen minutes, take out the tomatoes from the water, release the peas.

5: Cut off the boiled tomato on top of the blender jug so that the tomato juice does not fall down.

6: Blend tomato and make thick tomato puree.

Toast made:

Heat the frying pan to make the toast. Keep the bread slightly low in the pan, let down to crystals and browns on both sides.

In the last step,

Take two tablespoons of one tablespoon cornflower water in water.

Heat butter in a pan and fry it for one minute.

Now put the garlic cut into it. Roll one minute (no need to brown.

Onion, stirring until the onion becomes soft.

Now, leave it off tomatoes puri.

Release the quantity of water, salt and pepper.

Keep it low. Until it blossoms

Pour the cornstarch into a little water and soup.

Now turn it on with sugar, cream, and cornflour flower. Due to the thickness of the caps, spread the coriander leaves on it.

Gourmet tomato soup with toast! So, when you are doing this trick with healthy and delicious?

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