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Delicious Caramel Mango Milk Shake | Healthy Recipes

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Although the summer has passed since summer, Still, the market is still seen in the mango. But the mangoes that are available now are not so sweet. Rather, these mangoes are a little talk-style in the taste. Because of this time, its mango just does not feel much better to eat. But these meals make desserts or drinks but it is extraordinary to eat. Because the taste of these mangoes can be mixed with a sweet taste, you can bring a very nice taste by adjusting sugar and other ingredients. Let's share with you today a recipe for a delicious dried cake made with sweet sour mangoes. This recipe is a fun caramel mango milkshake recipe.

Seeing the recipe name surely understands that it is actually a milkshake recipe. Mango milkshake but very few recipes. Nowadays, at home, everyone knows about Milk Shake's recipe on the internet. So many of you may already know about the recipe of Mango Milk Shake. But the Mango Milk Shake recipe that I will share today is different from the other Mango Milk Shake's recipe. In fact, caramel sauce has been added to this recipe. Generally, no caramel sauce is added to the milkshake made from any fruit. But this caramel sauce can add a different level between any milkshake that you can not understand if you do not mix this milkshake.

What you need to make caramel mango milkshake :

We need very few materials to make caramel mango milkshake. And these materials are very common. Apart from caramel sauce, you can find the rest of the ingredients in your house next door. And now almost all cities have a super shop. In these super shops, you will find some good brand caramel sauce. And these caramel dresses can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. So it is better to buy a good company's caramel sauce with a bit more price.

Let's not know how much materials will be needed to make this Mango Milk Shake without delay. Then you can see how to make this caramel mango milkshake.

A cup of ripe mango
Sugar 1/3 cup to 1/3 cup
4 tablespoons of caramel sauce
2 cups of thick milk
Vanilla ice cream 4 tablespoons
Mango ice cream 4 tablespoons
Like the need for ice

Caramel Mango Milk Shake will be made in that way

1st step

In the first place, I will take small pieces and cut them. Take a piece of mashed mango like a cup. If the size of the mango is large, then you can get a cup of mango of just about a cup of mango. Or if the mango is a small size then two mangoes may be needed.

2nd step

This time you have to take a cut in a blender and cut the mangoes. Sugar must be added to it. When adding sugar, you need to add a little bit carefully. Because we will add many more ingredients in this recipe, which also have a lot of sweet taste. For example, two types of ice cream or caramel sauce. So a little bit of sugar should be carefully added. First, add half a sugar. If you think you can add more sugar afterward.

Mango and sugar have to be bland together before. By doing this, the pieces of mango will blend smoothly. There will be no shackle. But if all the materials are blended together, in many cases it can be seen that a few pieces of mango remain completely empty. When eating Milk Shake, these whole mammals fall into the mouth and Milk Shake's fun is destroyed. So it is good to blame the pieces of mango well before doing a little trouble.

3rd step

The pieces of mango that have been blanched this time will be first to milk and caramel dressing. Along with that, the vanilla ice cream and mango ice cream. But if you wish, vanilla ice cream is not only done by the Mango ice cream, but this caramel mango milk makes the shake. But if I give these two flavors equal in size, I like the taste better. So I am using this two flavors of ice cream to make this milkshake.

All these ingredients should be blended very well. Then you should take a little more blending with ice as you wish so that the ice breaks down a bit. Then you will have to serve the glass as your choice cold cold caramel mango ice cream.

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