Chicken momo recipe | How to make Chicken momo - Healthy Recipes -

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Chicken momo recipe | How to make Chicken momo - Healthy Recipes

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The chicken-made chicken momos are very high demand in the restaurants. If you want to be made at home, the delicious Chicken Momo Take a look at the recipe.

 Whatever it takes to create:

To create a do:

A cup of flour.

The amount of water is very much

Little salt

One tablespoon of oil.

Whatever it takes to create toppings:

A cup of chicken

Two tablespoons of potato and carrot husk

Pigeon little crisps

Ginger half a teaspoon of bread.

Garlic Ginger Ginger Tea Spoon

One tablespoon of tomato sauce.

One tablespoon of soy sauce.

The peppercorn slightly.

Yellow grated little.

Curry powder slightly

Two tablespoons of oil.

Method of preparation:

Firstly the quantity of sweet potato and saltwater Now make a dough and keep aside the oil and keep it aside. Now a little oil in a frying pan Heat the onions, ginger curry, garlic paste, potatoes, and carrots. When the potatoes and carrots become a little, drop the chicken cubes.

When the water of chicken is drained, add salt, pepper and turmeric powder, curry powder, and finally tomatoes and soy sauce. Make a medium-sized and small-sized bread with flour. Now, prepare the tomb filled with bread inside the bread. Take hot water in a vessel. Put the rice on the heating calendar. Now boil it in the mogul's ghee.

The delicious Chicken Mama made of diamond

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