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Basundi recipe, how to make Basundi recipe | Healthy Recipes

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The dessert recipes I find are the simplest one of the most Basundi recipes I find. It is a dessert in India, especially in the Indian state of Maharashtra, a dessert. Any worship in Maharashtra can be said to be fairly incomplete without this Basuandi. In our country, although this dessert does not have much circulation. But you want to make this Basundi house. I think everyone likes this dessert very well.

Basundi is actually something to be made like Rabri. But while making Basurdi, milk is not so thick as it is. In other parts of Basundi, a little thinner milk is used than other desserts. With milk, this recipe uses a lot of different types of almonds and raisins. We all know that nutmeg is more beneficial for our health, especially for children's health. Therefore, children who do not want to eat a lot of nuts can be made homeless. Baby size likes sweet food. So this can be a good way to feed the children's nuts.

There are many benefits to making Basundi at different events. To make Basundi, other milk desserts such as pice or custard does not take much time. You can be able to make the Busundi from roughly 20 minutes to 25 minutes. If you use condensed milk instead of sugar, then the time is much less. As a result, you will be able to spend time with the guests while not spending time in the kitchen at home.

These Basundi can be eaten in many ways. If you wish, it can also be hot. If you want to keep the refrigerated from two hours to three hours, you can also eat cold. If you want it can only be eaten as a dessert. And it will be very good with Lucchi in the morning breakfast. If you want to live with Lucchi, you will have to do hot service. And if you want to eat as a dessert, then I will say it cold refrigerated for a few minutes. And Basundi becomes a little thicker after being cold. Then it takes more testing to eat.

The materials that will be needed to build Basundi

Condensed Milk 400 grams or 1 tin
5 cups of liquid milk from 4 cups
The whole small cardamom is 4 to 5
Kazu nut 10 to 12
Pest nut 10 to 12
Amand nut 10 to 12
Chinese nuts 10 to 12
Raisin 10 to 12
Nipple puffed 1 pinch
Keshar 7 to 10 petals

Basundi will be made in that manner

1st step
Take a liquid milk in a saucepan. One of these must be added to the tin condensed milk. The quantity of condensed milk, but not specific. You can use a little less condensed milk if you want to eat a little less sweet. And if you like to eat sweet more, you can add more than two to three tablespoons of sugar with a tin condensed milk.

Second step

These times will burn the oven. The oven stains will be left a little more. Milk will come in four to five minutes. Then the heat of the oven will be reduced. Ten to fifteen minutes must be kept in milk. At this time, the heat of the furnace cannot be increased at all. Besides, continuous dandruff should be kept in milk. Otherwise, the milk sauce may fall under the pan. If you stop stirring with the stirring of milk then it will fall. It will not feel good to eat while eating the basuandi. At this time, you have to give whole grains in milk.

3rd step

After ten to fifteen minutes the milk will start to thicken. Due to adding condensed milk, it takes a little less time to milk. Milk must be added to the thickening, adding cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, sugar nuts, and almond nuts. As well as the juices will also be added at this time. Cut all the nuts into your liking.

4th step

Once the nut is added, add a little nutmeg powder to the milk. It is very important to take a little careful while adding nutmeg. If the quantity of nutmeg is given in any food, the taste of that food is multiplied. But if the quantity of nutmeg is increased slightly in the food, then the taste of that food becomes very bad. So, when using Basundi, you have to use nutmeg powder carefully. One pinch is better than the use of nutmeg.

Step 5

This time you have to give the petals of milk in milk. Fifteen minutes from the scalp will be fueled. Then we will be serviced by serving a bowl. Basundi is very beautiful to see the food. So there is no need to sort the Basundi differently. If you want, then you can spread a little hair on the serving bowl. Look better. If you want to eat hot time this time, you can serve Basundi like this. If you want to eat cold Bassundi, you can refrigerate for at least two hours to three hours.

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