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Potato and Cheese Sticks Recipe by Healthy Recipes

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Cheese is a very popular food in our country. It is used too much in our native food. We usually use cheese for making different snacks or for cooking on food. But we do not know that cheese is a very nutritious meal. This diet contains plenty of protein. But other protein-rich foods like meat-like plants do not have too much fat. That's why cheese is very good for our body's protein needs, and health can be an option. For those who do not eat fish or meat, the cheese can work as a very good protein substitute. That is why cheese is called vegetative meat. Today I will share a fun recipe made with this cheese. This is the potato cheese stick fries.

Potato Cheese Stir Fry is a recipe very easy. And like any other recipe for any of the Stir Fry Recipe, you will find it very little time to make this recipe. Taking a few spices and cheese and potatoes is soaked in hot oil. Prepare hot spicy potato cheesesteak for you. And it does not take much time to cook the cheese. So these dishes are ready very soon. You can easily cook this potato cheese steak fairy. And this potato cheesesteak can be eaten with many things. It also feels good with bread or naan. It also takes lots of fun with Polao and Biriyani. Even with hot hot rice, this potato cheese steam fries is very thick.

Let's not talk about it and do not know about the few ingredients that you need to make these potato cheese steak fries. Let's also know about the process of making this potato cheese fries.

The materials that need to be made to make potato cheese stick

400 grams of cheese
Like salt amount
1 cup of fine curd onion
Tomatoes 1/3 cup finely chopped
Chopped green chili 2 teaspoons
Refined Ginger 1 teaspoon
Curry leaves 2 teaspoons of finely chopped
1 teaspoon of black powder pepper
1/2 teaspoon of dried coriander powder
Kashmiri red chili 1 teaspoon
Potato big 1
2 tablespoon of white oil
Shahaji cumin 1/2 teaspoon
Potato Cheese Stir Fry

1st step
At first, the cheese must be cut into small cubes. It will be roughly cut in cubes by a square inch. The potatoes will be cut in the same size. Try to make sure the size of the potato and cheese is almost the same. If potato and cheese are the same in potato cheese steak fries, then look very nice to see. It will be better to eat as well.

Second step

Take a bigger curve so that the convenience of moving. Since the whole cooking must be sprayed very well, therefore, it is necessary to stimulate the whole time. It is more advantageous to move into a bigger rug. These times you have to make the white oil warm. If the white oil gets hot, it will give a sweat cumin. When the leafy ginger blossoms, it will be filled with chopped onions and green chilies. When these two spices are fry, then it will be finely chopped ginger. There are many people who feel very annoyed when they fall into the mouth of food. If you are a team then you can use beta instead of biting. In that case, half teaspoon ginger grapes will be used.

If these spices are fried a little frozen, it will have to be filled with grilled tomatoes. Along with that Kashmiri red chili powder and coriander will be provided. All the ingredients should be well chopped. If the spices are melted very well after the tomato melts, then the chopped cheese and potatoes will be given before. At this time, salt and black coconut will be given to give it. Everything will be mixed well. Fry grilled for a while. It will take about ten minutes to take potatoes and cheese to fry fried potatoes. After that, they will have to spread the leaves with sharp sharpened leaves. Two minutes to three minutes stirred down and stirred. Diameter Ready Your Potato Cheese Stir Fry Pour your mind to the serving dish and serve hot rice, bread or polao with it.

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