How to cook pasta: 5 tips and tricks | Healthy Recipes -

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How to cook pasta: 5 tips and tricks | Healthy Recipes

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Pasta is one of the most popular Italian food. But Italy is also very popular in India after passing through the boundaries of Europe, but if this pasta is not cooked properly, you will be deprived of its original taste. If you do not want to delay, then learn the Perfect Pasta Cooking Tips.

Tips 1: Boil pasta in large portions

While cooking pasta, definitely take a bigger pot. It will reduce the likelihood of getting one on one side of pasta.

Tips 2: Pour the pot into the water

Put the pot filled with water to cook pasta. For 1 packet pasta, the water will be around 3 times more.

Tips 3: Salt to the salt water like the sea

Seeing the title went a little nervous? There is nothing to be frightened, really, salt is enough to give salt to cook pasta, so the salt is right in pasta.

Tips 4: Drop the pasta when water comes out

Release the pasta when the water is fully exposed. If water is fully exposed, pasta will leave some raw.

Tips 5: Move continuously

Eat a paste after serving pasta. Then stir continuously until it is boiled (at least 2/3 times) the pasta will be different. Remove the water after boiling.

Note: After cooking pasta, do not need to wash in cold water, you can cook it with a direct sauce. To give the pasta a bit of finished water in the morning, the test will increase.

From now on the pasta will be absolutely perfect !! is not it?

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