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Homemade Crispy Seasoned French Fries Recipe | Healthy Recipes

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Delicious Crispy French Fry All of us have more favorite meals. French fries are such food that we like most of the adults starting with small children. Especially the French fries for kids are very dear. They almost go out and want to eat French fries. Whether the outside of French restaurant's French fries is so sleek, it is made in an unheated environment which is very harmful to the body. Some outside restaurants may use oil that may be of old oil which is harmful to the health of your baby.

But children's food needs to be varied differently. Because they eat an unhealthy food to eat. As a result, they stopped eating occasionally. They like it when they bring a little difference in their food. Now the outside restaurants cannot be fed babies at all. Because outdoor restaurants are not always made in the hygienic environment. Which will make their body worse. If the child is made in the house, then like the outside of the restaurant, their health will not make them worse, and they may get different foods and get them. Today I give you a different French fries recipe, which will be different from the other, and the kids like and loved.

What is the need to make another delicious crispy french fries?

1- potato 3 medium size.

2- The flour three tablespoons.

3- Egg 1

4- Like salt taste.

5- Chopped Half Tea Chumuch of Turmeric.

6- Regular oil for frying at underwater oil.

Other delicious Frenchs are the French fries

First, take 3 potatoes and take fresh potatoes. The method of introducing new potato is that when the skin of the pot is made of potato, then it will be light. Then if you can not recognize the shopkeeper, they will give new potatoes. Try to see if the potatoes are a bit taller.

Then the potatoes should be excreted. After finishing, cut the length of long French fries. Once the shape is given, take a plate of water and keep the potatoes in it for 10 to 15 minutes. This will remove the starch and adhesive material contained in the potato. After 10 minutes, the potatoes should be washed in the cottage. After that, after changing the water two to three times, the potatoes should be washed well.

Boil the potatoes

After washing the potatoes, it needs to be boiled. Heat the water in a bone and leave the potatoes. Keep in mind that if the potatoes are not too good then potatoes will be broken. Keep in mind that the potatoes are like eighty percent. After 4 to 5 minutes, potatoes will be boiled. After the potatoes are cooked, they will be picked up with a Fryer spoon and placed on a paper towel. This will absorb the paper towels of potato that contains extra water.

Now you can frozen it and if you want it. For this, keep a ziplock bag or airtight container at the refrigerator. Before using it, it will be frozen out of the refrigerator. It will not even bring in room temperature. These potatoes can be stored from one to one and a half months.

For coating:

Now you have to keep the dough just like a bowl separately. And with a bowl, it will be crushed with egg, salt, and peppercorns. For this reason, French fries are usually not served because of the French fries.

French frying fried method

Now take regular oil in a pan. Take the oil like frying at the underwater oil. Then the first potato flour and then the egg will have to be smashed. If you want, you can bowl eggs and dough for several times. As a result, the French fries flavors will be very good and the outside layer will have a lot of calcium. After submitting, they will have to be fried after submerging oil. The light brown color will actually be removed. These potatoes will be fried twice. Now the potatoes have to be cooled. Leave the refrigerator at half an hour. As a result, potatoes are many crisps and beautiful flavors come.

After half an hour, the potatoes will be mixed in the medium and then the potatoes will be wet. Then it became a little more fun than the crazy French fries. This French fries can serve you with sauce. You can also serve with Chicken Fried Rice again.

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