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Healthy Apple Dessert Recipes | Healthy Recipes

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Apple is undoubtedly a very nutritious meal. It is said that doctors do not come to the house where an apple is eaten every day. That's quite right. But everyday apples do not want to eat big. It is a very normal thing that the children do not eat there. In this case, you can make apple latex. A healthy version of Bengalis' favorite dessert late is apple dessert. This dessert is nutritious, as well as very fun. After making the ban, it can not be said that it was made with apple. So the elders eat this dessert. At the same time, home-grown children will also eat this late bowl.

apple dessert equipment:

Apple 1
2 tablespoons of ghee or butter
3 cups of milk
Condensed milk 3 tablespoons
Sugar two tablespoons of sugar
Cardamom is a
Almonds 4 to 5
Pasteabadam 4 to 5
Wood nut 4 to 5
Raisin 4 to 5
Gooseberry 4 to 5 knocks
Kawara water spray 4 to 5

Apples are made of Dessert:

First of all, the apples should be washed thoroughly. Now you have to create greater beautifully.

Ghee must be heated. If the ghee is hot, add almonds, pistachios, wood nuts and raisins. If the smell of nuts and raisins comes out from the ghee, it will be kept in a container. If a little cold, the nuts have to break the light with a knife.

Now you have to give it to the apple grease. Pour little spoon. Apple burns very quickly. That's why it will be handled in a similar way. After some time the apple will turn red. At this time the apple will smell very beautiful caramel. This time the oven will be closed.

The other one should take milk in the bone. Milk must be cured. The milk must be thickened with flame. When the cup of 3 cups of milk becomes 2 cups, then it will be condensed milk. If you like sweet more then you can give a little sugar at this time. The nuts used to be frozen. Then put the besan apple also. Cook to taste until the desired concentration comes. When you become late, remove the oven from the top of the rosewood and spread the water and cover the ladders. It should be kept for 10 to 15 minutes. Bus-Ready Healthy Apple latex. Serve the apples sliced from above to make fun Apple latex.

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