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Easy Homemade Chocolate Sauce Recipe | Healthy Recipes

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I will share a chocolate sauce recipe. There are many reasons for this. As you can make ice cream with this chocolate sauce. You can make cold coffee to give it. If you wish, you can use this chocolate sauce as an icing on chocolate cake. Not just that. You can make a little different taste custard with this chocolate sauce. For this reason, I think the multipurpose chocolate sauce is justified for the name of this chocolate sauce.

It is available in the market to buy ready-made chocolate sauce. But those chocolate suits are so foreign that they are bought by us for a lot of money. Moreover, all these chocolate sauces have enough amount of preservative so that they can stay good in normal room temperature for many days. And we all know that these preservatives can cause harm to our children's health. For this reason, if you can not buy chocolate sauce in all these markets, then you can make the chocolate sauce in the house but it is not bad at all. So let's take a look at how to make delicious multi-purpose chocolate sauce sitting at home without delay.

When you hear the name of multipurpose chocolate sauce, it may seem that it is necessary to make a lot of materials. But this is a completely wrong idea. By using only four to five ingredients, you can make this multi-purpose chocolate sauce at home. Not just that. Making this sauce is very easy. It takes time and effort to make it very low. If you have all the materials, you can make it within 20 to 25 minutes right now. So let's take a look at how to make this multipurpose chocolate sauce without delay. But do not know what amount of materials it will need to make before it.

Ingredients :

Water one and a half cup
2 tablespoons of crushed milk
Sugar two tablespoons of sugar
Two tablespoons of cocoa powder
Two tablespoons of cornflower

Directions :

First, take one and a half cups of water in a sauce pan. Of these, two table spoons of milk powder must be mixed. You can also use liquid milk instead of red milk. In that case, milk should be thickened with the heat before. Then the rest of the process will be complete.

Once the milk is taken in the saucepan, mix it with one cocoa powder, sugar, and cornflower. A hand whisk should be done very well by bit. Keep in mind that everything should be mixed with each other very well. One more thing to look for. It is to be noticed that this lump of milk does not have any lamps. Everything will be mixed smoothly.

These times will burn the oven. First, you have to put the oven in the oven. After four to five minutes, Milk will be ready to mix the milk. Then the ignition of the stove will be cut short. After that, the mixture of this chocolate sauce will be fueled for ten to fifteen minutes. At this time, it must be constantly stirring it with a spoon. Otherwise, the chocolate sauce dressing will fall on the bottom of the pan. After twenty minutes, chocolate sauce is very dense. Due to your choice this time, you will have to remove the sauce from the oven. One thing to be careful about. The chocolate sauce will be slightly thicker after being completely cold. Understanding this, you will take down the chocolate sauce from the oven.

This time the chocolate sauce should be kept in room temperature for two to three hours. Then the refrigerate will be more than two to three gahanta. Cold Winter Cold Winter Casserole Ready. This time you can use your choice when you want this Maliparparas Chocolate Sauce.

The method of Conservation chocolate sauce :

If you want to use chocolate sauce in a week, it will be stored in normal fridge. But if you want to use this multipurpose chocolate sauce for a longer period of time, of course, save the Deep Fries. This multipurpose chocolate sauce can be good for one month with a deep fridge. It should be taken out of the freeze two to three hours before using it only. During this time the chocolate sauce will melt. Then use the chocolate sauce as your wish and then keep it in the Deep Freeze.

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