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Healthy Fried Rice Restaurant Style Recipe | Healthy Recipes

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Like fried rice? Fried Rice is the preferred choice for everyone in the world. Do not run in the restaurant anymore, to eat fried rice, easy to prepare at home, delicious fried rice. You can also create quick fried rice with very little things at hand.

Take the recipe.

Whatever it takes to create:

One kg of polao rice

Ginger spoon two tablespoons.

One tablespoon of garlic paste.

Take two tablespoons of peeps.

A cup of carrots. (If you wish, other vegetables can be used and can be used such as capsicum)

Chicken cut cubes by half cubes of cubes.

Cottage pepper two or three

Dry pepper two or three

Three cuts cut like a leaf.

Four tablespoons of soy sauce

Four tablespoons of tomato sauce.

Sugar one tablespoon

Salt quantity

Sirignano little

Oil amount quantity

Two eggs

Preparation Method: First, cook rice with little water with rice water. Do not forget that you do not fill the whole riddle. Cook rice with a little lemon. To cook it neatly. Do not soften.

Now heat oil in another frying pan. Now add peanut butter, half bowl, garlic paste. After a little fry, leave the carrots in it. Leave the pieces of meat again and stir again. If the light becomes brown in color, then leave the leaves as well as sugar and sugar in it. Now pour the cooked rice. Stir the rice with two spoons. All ingredients are mixed together. Now pour the tomato sauce, soy sauce, the quantity of salt, dry chili and green chili and Arizona in the last step. Fresh fried rice made of a diameter.

But one thing but still left! Heat a frying pan and brush it in a little oil. Now spread out an egg and spread it around the pan (a lot of petitions). Then cut the egg roll rolls and cut it on a fried rice and serve it beautifully.

Now look at the diameter! The restaurant is a test, is not it!

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