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Chocolate cake and pudding are the favorite food for everyone. From small to small, everyone likes pudding and chocolate cake. For kids but this food is a lot better. Because there are many nutrients in the food. This meal contains some of the tools that are very useful for the health of the children. Children do not just want to eat much of this recipe. But if you can make a lot of fun together, then there is no question. What is the surprise? How would that pudding and cake be together? Today, the recipe I give you today is a little different. Pudding and chocolate cake together is a fun recipe that will be full of nutritious food, which is a unique way to taste. There will be a little different taste that will be very good for the kids, their food will vary and nutrition and they will get. So let's see the recipe for making fun pudding chocolate cake.

What is the need to make another delicious pudding chocolate cake?

For pudding:
1- 2 eggs.

2- Sugar 4 tablespoons sugar.

3- A cup of milk.

4- Venera Assens Half Tea Champuch.

To make the order:
1- Four tablespoons sugar.

2- Water table with two tablespoons water.

For chocolate cake:
1- Eggs 2

2- Sugar 7 tablespoons.

3- Flour-free one-fourth cup.

4- Cocoa powder 2 tablespoons.

5-Baking Powder Half Tea Chamcha.

6- Oil spoon of 3 tablespoons.

7- Vinyl Assens Half Tea Champuch.

The method of making other fun pudding chocolate cake:

The process of making caramel:

First, take 4 tablespoons of sugar in a pan. You have to give water table scrub. You have to wait until the color becomes brown and you need to tie it occasionally. When brown color becomes clear, the caramel has been made and as soon as the pudding is made, it will be poured into caramel.

Method of making pudding:

First, take a clean bowl. It will take 2 eggs. Eggs must be at room temperature. If the room temperature is not eggs, pudding is not soft. The egg should be burst well with a bitrate. If you do not have a better, you can use hand whisks. Then you will have to sprinkle with sugar again. I will give milk now I've used liquid milk. And it is definitely the milk of the room temperature. I have used it here with milk nets and then used it. Together with the Venera Assens. Then everything should be mixed well.

Chocolate cake making recipe:

First, take a clean bowl. In it, the white part of the egg should be taken and the bits should be well made of foam. After that, three tablespoons of sugar must be given. Now you have to take another bowl and it will make a bit of egg yolk. Then it will give four tablespoons of sugar. A bit to make it again Make as much sugar as possible. Now give three tablespoon oil. And again take a bit. Then you will need to give ventilation to the ventilation and add bits to dry tools. Give the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder with a sieve. You have to shave very well. Then everything should be well mixed so that there is no grain.

Then we will mix one-third of the white part of the egg on the foam. That is to say that egg whites in the egg white must be mixed three times with egg yolk. The cake will be very soft. They can use this method that does not have capsules. Of course, your cake will be soft. After the mixing of the cake, it must be separated.

Method of making pudding chocolate cake:

Now you have to pre-hit for 10 minutes at 180 degrees. After that the container is kept in the kitchen, with the help of a clutch, take the mixture of pudding. Leave the remaining part. Then shake the mixture of chocolate cake. Do not be afraid that the two will not be mixed together. Then put the vessel in the oven tray lightly. And boiling water in the tray. The amount of water must be divided into three parts of the vessel. After this, we will be able to bake at 180 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes. After being baked, it should be seen by the toothpick that it has been properly baked.

Another kind of fun pudding chocolate cake. If you leave the refrigerator for one hour, then it will be more set.

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