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Chinese is one of our very favorite food. Usually, if we eat Chinese, we usually have to go to Chinese restaurants. But it is not always possible to go to the restaurant all the time. Ever wondered if this food is eaten from home, how good it is! So knowing the recipe, you can also taste the Chinese restaurant by sitting at home.
So let's know that the delicious Chinese's three recipes together-

Chinese Vegetable's Perfect Recipes


1. Broccoli Half Long (not too short)
2. It is 250 grams (tall, bruised)
3. Medium size of carrot (5-6, it should be curved and cut)
4. Medium size of PEG 1 (curved like a carrot)
5. One fourth of cabbage 4 percent.
5. Capsicum cut 1 long sliced.
6. Black pepper powder 1 tablespoon
7. Soy sauce (black) 1 tablespoon
8. Corn FlaoR 2 tablespoons of 1/2 cup water should be swallowed
9. Sugar 1 tablespoon
10. Cut chicken chest meat into pieces.
11. 2 cups of hot water
12. Corn Flowers 1/3 cup to boil
13. Ginger and garlic cut into 1 tablespoon
14. Onion (to be redeemed by 4 parts.)


01. All vegetables except capsicum have to be boiled separately. When baking, mix a little salt and cornflower, then the color of the vegetables is fine. (The color of the vegetables that will make it darker). Can give a little sugar too.

02. The baggage will be a little more than a half-bound. Be careful not to melt.
03. Water must be sprayed from the vegetables.
04. Now add a frying pan to the oil and ginger and garlic will fry until it becomes golden.
05. Once it is done, roast it with chicken.
06. With a little salt, pepper powder and soy sauce and fry for 5 minutes.
07. Now take 2-3 minutes with capsicum and onion and stir it all 5 minutes with vegetables.
08. Cover with 2 cups of hot water. When the water is slightly reduced or after 5 minutes, open the lid with corn flavored water (stirring this time a little bit) and cook for 2-3 minutes.
9. Lower it with sugar and lemon juice.

1. It is good to have different boards for storing the color of the vegetables.
2. Of course, while boiling, give corn flour and salt. It keeps the color of vegetables right.
3. If you wish to increase the taste, you can give a testing salt

Chinese Fried Rice Recipes


01. Palau rice 750 g (roughly 5-6 people can eat)
0. Mix vegetables, like quantities (I have taken three varieties, potato, peas, and mangoes)
03. Half a chicken poultry (without bones) Small shrubs cut into the half cup
04. Three eggs
05. Onion cooked a half cup
06. Kaste pepper 5-6
07. Ginger or quench, 1 tablespoon
08. According to the salt
09. Oil is less than one cup
10. One tablespoon ghee (optional)
11. Soy sauce, 5 tablespoons
12. Western sauce, 5 tablespoons
13. Tomato sauce, 5 tablespoons
14. Sugar, one teaspoon
15. Diminished water


01. Make a mixture of soy sauce, 5 tablespoons, western sauce, 5 tablespoons, tomato sauce, 5 tablespoons and sugar, one teaspoon and mix it with a bowl. Soy sauce has salt, so be careful to use salt later.

0. Cut chicken gusset Julian cut Blend cleanly after mixing a few spoons of milk in a bowl. Break the eggs and break them. Cut out the chili pepper.

03. Boil the carrots and make it soft. There is no need to cook other vegetables. In this way, keep all things close to your hand.

04. Now boil it with a little salt in rice water. Rice will be 90% perfect, not too soft, it is more perfect and not!

05. Dry the rice in the cold water and keep the water drained and keep the water aside.

06. After heating the pot, make a basket of eggs with a few chili cakes. Make a bigger mistake. Keep in mind that the spring falls.

07. Now heat the oil in the pan for cooking the main dish, you can ghee one spoon. When the oil is hot, roast it with a pinch of salt and fry the onions and ginger gourd and mix it with chicken and shrimp. You can give a few chili cakes. The chicken will become a nice color, perfect.

08. Now keep it slow and give it to the vegetables and fry it. Give them all the vegetables.

09. Vegetables can be beautiful and colorful. Take a quick look. If you want more chili can give more chilies.

10. Give half the amount of rice kept in the water. Keep mixing. Mix a few tablespoons of the bowl and mix it.

11. Make some moves. Give the remaining mixing sauce. Thus the reason for half the rice and dressing is to mix well.

12. Mix the sauce and mix the sauce well. Take a look at the rice. Give the egg whistle which has been preserved in the past. And move.

13. Take a look at the salt. Tasty Delicious Mixed Fried Rice Recipe.

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